Ainalif has always respected and protected the privacy of its customers and users. Keen to preserve the personal information we have always addressed any privacy concerns of the user.

User Accounts & Data:

Only the information necessary for the successful delivery and purchase. AinAlif will never ask for personal passwords or other private information. Users are themselves responsible for keeping their account confidential and safe. AinAlif reserves the rights to terminate any kind processing with respect to purchase or accounts. 

Confidentiality & User Information:

 Several types of personal information shared with AinAlif are kept confidential under the legitimate rules and laws. Signing up for purchase means you have consented for the hold of information shared by you with us. The company holds the right to save all the information such as email addresses and other billing and payment details for the sake of successful deliveries. All the sensitive information is kept safe and the company will never share it with any third party other than for courier services or convenience

User Rights:

Users and customers hold the rights to request and ask for the personals shared with our company. Queries regarding relevance or completion of information can be addressed to the user support, thus any information can be removed to be amended upon requests.

Any requests can be entertained via our customer support and help-lines by our representatives.


Cookies are actually the data inputs in the form of text files which are saved on your user interface while the consequent visits to our website. Cookies are not used to save any kind of personal information. The permanent cookies are only retained for 12 months on your device,which can be deleted from your browser anytime by you.

Third Party Cookies:

Third party cookies are used by the website in order to frame statistics by means of analytic tools like Google Analytics. The cookies can be temporary as session cookies or permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are not stored for more than 24 months on your devices such as laptops and mobiles

Term And Conditions:

The information provided by the web pages of Ainalif are for professional use only. The company holds the rights to make any changes or amendments without intimation

Errors of Typography:

We try our best to make every piece of information available is  precise and at point. If in any case found that the product is listed with wrong price or somewhat wrong information because of typographical error in price or product information, we have the right to cancel or refuse any orders placed with wrong product information. We shall have every right to refuse or cancel such orders whether the product has been confirmed or not. We hold the right to create changes to the information on this website, or the services that are described within without any notice

Trademarks and Copyrights:

All the material possession, either registered or unregistered, present on the website ,content about information present on the website including all the website design, inclusive of, but not restricted to text, graphics ,software and their choice and arrangement and all software compilations, below lying source code and software shall remain our property. The contents that belong to the website as a collective work are under protection by copyright of Pakistan copyright laws and international conventions. All rights are reserved.

User protection:

All the information provided to us by customers is confidential . AinAlif does not give away any kind of data for selling, renting or trading. The information is only used to fulfill the needs of the order. The confidential information is not given out unless asked by governmental authorities.