Ain Alif respects the privacy of all the customers and their information provided to us to avail and service. We don’t tend to reshare your data to anyone keeping it safe and secure. is our official website and the privacy policy is applied to all the websites operated under this one. Before you operate the website, a formal acceptance of Privacy and Policy and Terms of Use grant you access to it. Here, we will let you know what our privacy policy is, what personal information we require, and how we use it. Please read it carefully to understand the entire process. What is Personal Data? Your name, address, contact number, date of birth, and email address are the personal information, that you share with us. Usually, it is required when you make a personal profile on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us for any query. We are completely responsible for all of this information of yours. How is the personal info used? When you ask for any service, usually delivery of your ordered products, we require personal data of yours to fulfill the responsibility. Moreover, we ask for your contact details to send you offers and sale alerts, so that you may get benefit from shopping for quality items at reasonable prices and save money. Also, we can use your contact details for marketing purposes, or to notify you about new stock. Your data stays quite secure with us and is deleted right after you receive the order. Do we share any information with third parties? Yes, we might share some of your information with third parties but only to get work done. In case any of our services are handled by our affiliates, we send them your data to perform the services. Contractual agreements are done before we share your information with them to protect your data. What rights do our clients have? All of our customers have the right to ask what personal information we have regarding them. If any of the provided information is not correct or relevant, then they can request us two remove that information or correct it instead. What are cookies? These are not used to gather your data or to share it with third parties, instead it is a small text that makes it easy for you to visit our website. The information is collected from your device. Cookies can be temporary or permanent; temporary cookies disappear right after you close the website whereas permanent cookies are stored for around 12 months on your device.