Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of payment methods are provided by your company?

The company accepts  Cash on deliveries and transactions through credit cards and debit cards.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery usually takes 3-5 working days

How to know the status of the order?

The order status can be checked by the tracking links provided by the customer support.

What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges are according to the value and location

Is the security verification made everytime the order is placed?

The security verification is for the sake of identification of fraud and theft thus the verification process has to be carried out to make sure the process is smooth.

Why should i provide personal information?

The personal information has to be provided for the successful completion of the purchase process. For the convenience of the buyer the information has to be used by the company to make sure the buying process is smooth and efficient, creating reasonable customer values.

Will the order still be processed in case you fail to verify with our support system?

Failing to respond to the verification process of the company will result in automatic and immediate cancellation of your order.

Within how many days returns and exchange are possible?

The company provides the exchange of products within 7 days after being delivered.

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