Ain Alif is a prestigious fashion brand founded in 2018 by two brothers, Umar Arsal and Usman Arsal, as a solution to the increasing demand for diversified yet affordable clothing among urban women. With our aim to provide top-notch quality clothes to our customers, we are working quite hard to add creativity and innovation to every piece of work. Initially, we dealt in unstitched women’s clothing, but with a great evolution and expansion, we have grown enough to provide the best stitched and unstitched clothes to our beloved customers.
Our dignified and highly talented experts know exactly how to play with colors and designs to create magic on the fabric. Every single item we have is an unapologetic fashion statement, thanks to the CEO and the core team which has put their endless efforts to make this brand reach its milestones. The fine embroidery and tremendous digital prints have raised the fashion bar quite high. Just in 5 years, Umar and Usman has grown their brand to another level.
We are all about aesthetic designs and vibrant colors manufacturing the most appealing dresses following all the latest trends of the world. But among all of the norms, our culture stands at the top that has encouraged us to introduce a wardrobe for Pakistani Women. Our apparel collection with an aura of cultural heritage includes elegant ready-to-wear attires as well as finely embroidered, neatly printed, and delicately embellished unstitched clothes with world-class quality fabric.
Not only we are loyal to our customers but we understand their demands according to the latest trends and infuse multiple styles into the clothes. Our ultimate aim is to maintain positive self-expression and encourage every free spirit to feel comfortable flaunting our new collections and chic designs. From fabric selection to product designing, and sewing to crafting, everything is done with maximum care and effort. With the excellent manufacturing standards, most disciplined team, and great policies, further growth is certain.
As time passes, Ain Alif is going to evolve even more and the key to this expansion is understanding the needs of our audience according to the environment and lifestyle. Changing is all about new creations for the same journey. 5 years ago, we came up with some designs that pleased our customers a lot, but today, the new generation wants something more expressive, confident, and free. Well, Ain Alif never fails to satisfy its customers by making their wishes come true.

Meet The Team

Umar Arsal

Usman Arsal

Farhan anwar
designing head